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1. Goals and objectives
1.1. Ukrainian National Junior Competition orchestral music "
 Crimean pitchfork 2011" (the Contest) is conducted to support the development and popularization of the genre of orchestral and enrichment of young musicians with new achievements.
1.2. The main objectives of the festival:
· Maintenance and development of folk and brass bands among young people;
• Identification and promotion of best orchestras;
· Familiarity with the creative experience orchestras in different regions of Ukraine;
· Support for children and youth orchestras;
· Exchange of experience and creative achievements with teams, managers, and establishment of creative contacts;
· Strengthening of friendship and mutual enrichment of national cultures;
· Promotion of the best traditions of the genre of orchestral and folk art;
· Attracting attention from the public and commercial organizations to the problems of children and youth orchestras.
2. Organizers of the Competition
The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ukrainian State Centre of adult education, Department of Education and Science of the SSGA,
Children and Juvenile Creativity Palaceof the city of Sevastopol, Sevastopol city branch of the National Union of Ukrainian music.
The organizing committee is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
3. Participants.
3.1. To participate in the contest is open for children and youth orchestras in secondary schools, colleges, adult education centers, vocational schools, cultural institutions and music schools.
3.2. The competition is held among the children and youth groups:
· Orchestra of folk instruments.
· Brass bands.
3.3. The delegation: the number of orchestra at least 25 people. Accompanying permitted rate of 1 adult to 10 children.
4. The order of the Competition
4.1. The competition is held in one round (live).
4.2. Participants of the contest for the contest stage to prepare three different character of musical works (total duration - no more than 20 minutes of playing time).
4.3. The program of orchestras of folk instruments may include folk, classical music, as well as music by contemporary composers.
4.4. The program consists of a brass band of traditional works for brass bands, and also may include a pop or jazz pieces.
4.5. Each creative team is preparing a concert program to talk to the residents of the city (30 minutes total playing time.)
4.6. Duration 5 days of competition, from 6 to 10 May 2011.
May 6. Collection managers. Welcome party for the participants.
May 7. Competitive listening orchestra of folk instruments.
Master-class brass bands.
May 8. Competitive listening brass bands.
Master-class orchestra of folk instruments.
May 9. Big concert and awarding of diplomas.
Participate in the celebration of the Victory Day.
City tours.
Arrival of the participants of the Competition - May 6 (17.00.) 2011 at the
Children and Juvenile Creativity Palace, Nakhimov Ave 4, the city of Sevastopol, Crimea region.
The drive from the railway and bus stations: trolley-bus number 1, 7, 3, bus number 7, 109, 110 to the stop "Nakhimov Square." The festival organizers provide meeting participants.
Check out the contestants - May 10, 2011. Each team to have return tickets.
4.7. Applications for participation in the competition shall be submitted to the heads of collectives April 1, 2011 (the sample application form attached) to the address of the organizing committee: 99011 Sevastopol, Nakhimov Ave, 4,
ДДиЮТ (competition Band), or electronically to the address of the Secretary of the contest - e -mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
5. Estimates participants
To assess the competitive performances created jury. The jury consists of popular and honored artists of Ukraine and Russia - known conductors of professional orchestras.
The evaluation of the teams is based on the results of competitive products (total points).
5.2. Responsibility for the formation of the jury and control its operation rests with the organizing committee of the competition.
5.3. The organizing committee has the right to annul the results of the choirs, directors and (or) the persons concerned which showed incorrect behavior towards members of the jury.
6. Evaluation criterion
Level of performance is evaluated contestants on the following criteria:
· School playing musical instruments, culture sound.
· Artistic value of music.
· Performing Arts.
· The complexity of the repertoire and arrangements.
· Possession of a dynamic palette of sound.
· The musicality, artistry, artistic interpretation of music.
· Preservation and the characteristics of the product.
· Ability to work with a conductor, ensemble sound.
· Stage culture, appearance, behavior on stage.
7. Definition and award winners
7.1. The winners and runners-up appoint competent jury.
7.2. All participants are awarded certificates to the participants of the Youth All-Ukrainian competition of orchestral music "Spring Turning Fork - 2011."
7.3. Competition winners will be awarded with diplomas and prizes winner.
7.4. The overall winner of the competition receive the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix of the diploma at the All-Ukrainian contest of youth orchestra music "Spring Turning Fork - 2011."
7.5. The jury's decision - the final and not subject to revision.
7.6. The organization of the prize fund is assigned to the
Children and Juvenile Creativity Palace.
7.7. Companies, firms and individual members of the business community are allowed to make donations for the contest and set up their prizes.
7.8. Announcement of results, awards and Gala concert held at the close of the contest.
8. Funding Competition
8.1. Contest participants pay the registration fee of  300 hryvna from each team - contest participants.
8.2. Payment of travel, meals, accommodation, sightseeing and transport service participants and attendants at the expense of the sending party at the rate of $ 15 (120 hryvna) per day for each participant, including food, accommodation, tour and transport services.
8.3. Catering, accommodation, sightseeing and transport services, meetings, leaving participants rests with the organizing committee of the competition.
8.4. Accommodation and three meals a day is made on the basis of the boarding schools of the city of Sevastopol.
8.5. April 20, the staff is required to confirm their participation and to make an advance payment of 10% of the total cost. No pre-payment application is not registered, a place to live can not be reserved.
8.6. In the case of a failure of the trip deposit will not be returned.
8.7. Full payment is made by bank transfer not later than 7 days prior to the competition or in cash upon arrival to the competition.
8.8. The Organizing Committee will address issues on the coverage of the competition in the media, organizing a highly professional jury, design competition in a professional manner (stage, sound, light), awarding the winners prizes and diplomas.
8.9. Funding for the contest can be accomplished through sponsorship contributions of public and private companies and individuals.
8.10. Information support of the media is regarded as financial support.
8.11. Current Account with the UGC in Sevastopol Ukraine, № 35428002000340 MFO 824509 OKPO 23193378 "
Children and Juvenile Creativity Palace." (ДДиЮТ)
9. Documentation
9.1. To participate in the competition the following documents:
· Participation in the competition until April 10, 2011 (a sample of the application form attached) to the address of the organizing committee: 99011 Sevastopol, Nakhimov Ave, 4,
ДДиЮТ, Organizing Committee of "Spring tuning fork". T / Fax: (0692) 54-24-37, or in electronic form to the address of the Secretary of the contest - e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ;
9.2. Each participant must have a medical certificate of health.
9.3. No less than two weeks prior to arrival, to report: the date and time of arrival, № train (bus, own transport).
Application Form
Ukrainian party of youth competition
orchestral music
"Spring tuning forks - 2011"
Collective’s name _________________________________________________________
2. Registered address of the collective,
identity ________________________________
3. Telephone, fax, e-mail ______________________________________________
4. Director’s (manager’s) name _________________________________________________________
5. Location manager, phone (home, office, mobile) ______________
6. Number of participants:
Boys ________ Girls ________
7. Leaders:
Men _________  Women  _________
8. Maintainers:
Men _________ Women  _________
9. Biography of the band.
10. Competition program:
1. Composer
Title of the work _________________________________________________________________
Lenght ____________min__________sec
2. Composite Ithor
Title of the work _________________________________________________________________
Lenght ____________ min.__________sec
3. Composer
Name _________________________________________________________________
Lenght ____________ min.__________sec