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International Children's Festival is held to strengthen the friendship between the states, the development and promotion of children's art enrichment in the arts and culture, the establishment of creative contacts, exchange of experience in children's and teenagers’ groups.
Organizers of the festival
Sevastopol City State Administration, the Department of Education and Science, Childrenand Juvenile Creativity Palace of the city of Sevastopol.
Participate in the festival for children and juvenile groups from countries near and far abroad:
- Choreography (folk and pop dance);
- Ensembles of folk instruments;
- Vocal ensembles (folk, pop);
- Soloists (in the groups).
Age of the participants of the festival are not older than 18 years.
Duration 8 days of the festival from June 23 to June 30, 2012.
Arrival day - June 23 before 14.00.
Departure day - June 30 before 22.00.
Participants of the festival, the following program:
- Opening - 24 June at 19.30.;
- Closing - June 29 at 10:00.;
- Concerts of the teams at the sites and in the theaters of the city, town camps, military units, ships of the Navy of Ukraine and the Black Sea Fleet of Russia;
- Participation of groups in theatrical performances;
- Boat trips, trips to the aquarium, dolphinarium, museums;
- Master-classes on genres.
Every team is preparing a concert program of up to 30 minutes.
- Performance program provides dance choreographers and stage folk, pop and folk genres;
- The program of the  instruments ensembles may include folk, classical and contemporary music;
- The program of vocal ensembles and soloists (in the groups) can be consist of the creations of the modern authors, composers, classical and folk song and folklore.
To create a TV version of the festival to provide high-quality recording of their concert on DVD.
In the case if the team will use music  for the performance it is necessary to have memory-card or a CD with the files mp3.
For the performances at the open summer stages it is necessary to have a complete phonogram. FINANCIAL RELATIONS
Funding for the festival produced by the sending side the rate of 20 $ per day for each participant, including meals, accommodation, excursions and partial transport service.
Our account: GUGK Ukraine in Sevastopol
№ 35428002000340 MFO 824509
OKPO 23193378
KVUZ " Childrenand Juvenile Creativity Palace” (
The number of participants should not exceed 35 people (including the accompanying - a rate of one attendant per 10 children).
Each participant must have a medical certificate of health and insurance.
No less than two weeks prior to arrival, to report: the date and time of arrival, № train (bus, own transport).
Have tickets for return travel.
Applications for participation in the festival to be sent before May 1, 2012 at the address of the organizing committee:
99011 Sevastopol, pr
. Nahimova, 4, ДДиЮТ.
Tel. / Fax: (0692) 54-24-37, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Secretary of the festival - Korolyova Lyudmila (0692) 54-14-77
mob. +38-0-50-567-19-04
APPLICATION FORM for the festival "Golden Fish"
1. Collective name, title ______________________________________________________
Name head _____________________________________________________________
Location manager, phone (home, office, mobile) ______________________
Collective address, identity _________________________________________________
2. Number of participants:
Boys ________  Girls  ________
Men _________  Women  _________
Men _________  Women  _________
Shall be accompanied by:
1. Program of the collective.
2. Creative characteristics of the collective
3. E-mail of the team.
4. The video of the group (10 minutes) to send to the specified email address.