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Conductor of the Youth Folk Russian Orchestra "SADKO"

Children and Juvenile Creativity Palace of Sevastopol.

Excellence in Education of Ukraine.

Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine.

Board member of the Sevastopol branch of the National Union of Ukrainian music.


On May 10, 1979 Korolyova L.A.  - Head of the folk orchestra of the Builders Culture Palace of the trust "Sevastopolstroy", in which she had been studying since  1971 with  the head and founder of the orchestra – Kurbatov  E.V.


During her leadership, the orchestra becomes the winner and award-Union Festival of folk amateur art, the winner of the All-Ukrainian contests, and in 1986 the group was given the honorary title of "National Ensemble."

However, during the adjustment period, the Palace of Culture of the builders has been sold, and all groups reduced. Korolyova  L.A. struggles for existence of the collective, she wrote to the newspapers, appeared on radio and television, went to Kiev, Moscow, and involves the community. And it’s been noticed, the team was invited to work at the Palace of Childhood and Youth of the city of Sevastopol. Thus, from September 1991, the orchestra of folk instruments is based in the Palace of Childhood and Youth.

For orchestra opened new perspectives. At the initiative of the Korolyova  L.A.  the children's music studio opened to prepare the kids to play in the team. In the future, many pupils graduate from the studio, entered and graduated from specialized secondary and higher music schools, have become professional performers, conductors and teachers.

Orchestra programs are recorded and broadcast by leading TV and Radio: "Ostankino" (Moscow), "Ukraine" (Kyiv), in  Crimea and Sevastopol.

The team goes on tour in the cities of Moscow, Oryol, Vidnoe, Kiev, Nikolaev, Kharkov, has performed in many cities of  Crimea and of course in itss hometown. Lyudmila Korolyova plays the Russian folk instrument - domra, gives concerts as a soloist in Italy (city Toremo) and repeatedly in Germany. In Germany, she performed in Berlin with the famous professional violin trio "KATZ-TRIO".

Under the direction of the Korolyova  L.A. The orchestra becomes the winner and award-Ukrainian contests, the winner of the International festival-contest "Christmas Vacation" (Moscow - 1995, 1996.), the Grand Prix at the International Festival "The Yalta Summer" (Yalta - 2003, 2005, 2007 -2010.), winner of the Cup and the III International Festival Competition folk instrumental music, "SAMORODKI-2009." The best professional singers, folk music, conductors of the Ukraine and Russiawork with the orchestra.

At the initiative of the Korolyova  L.A. conducted in the city such children and youth festivals instrumental folk as "Russian Mosaic", "Tonika", developed into a festival of children's folklore "Gold Fish".

For active work to promote folk music education of young people and the preservation of the collective in 1993 by Korolyova  L.A.  the honorary title "Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine."

Korolyova  L.A. is a conductor of youth folk orchestra for 30 years. This is a competent and professional musician who knows and loves his job, which she has devoted most of his life. The repertoire of the orchestra  - is its author's instrumentation, arrangements and transcriptions for the national orchestra. Korolyova  L.A. enjoys enormous prestige and respect among teachers and students love.