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Folk Russian Orchestra "SADKO"

Children and Juvenile Creativity Palace of Sevastopol.

Conductor is Excellence in Education of Ukraine

Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine LYUDMILA KOROLYOVA




Folk orchestra was founded in the city of Sevastopol in 1967 on the basis of the Palace of Culture builders trust " Sevastopolstroy".

During its work and the creative life in the Culture Palace builders team was awarded a diploma of all three festivals of folk All-Union amateur art.

In 1986, for the tremendous creative achievement, excellence, promotion of folk, classical and modern music was first awarded the honorary title "Folk Team". Concerts or orchestra were recorded and broadcasted many times on Crimean TV.

However, during the “Perestroika” period, in 1991, the trust "Sevastopolstroy" decided to get rid of the Builders Palace of Culture and sold his departmental cultural institution, depriving all ensembles of material and technical base. But the youth orchestra of folk instruments were lucky to find a new home. At the invitation of the Director of the Palace of Childhood and Youth of the city of Sevastopol the complete orchestra in 1991 to the base of the Palace. Thus, this unique team was able to continue its creative life and during this time has reached even greater success and brought much joy to the audience and music lover, as well as educated a generation of young people.

In 1991 the team was based on a children's music studio for kids learning to play folk instruments and guitar solo, bass guitar, woodwind and drum instruments. Many graduates have received specialized secondary schools and higher education in music, adding to the ranks of professional musicians and conductors шт Ukraine and Russia . Team leaves the tours to cities such as Moscow, Orel , Mtsensk , Vidnoe (Moscow Region) , Kiev, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Simferopol, Yalta, Alushta, Simeiz and other cities in Russia and Ukraine. Youth Folk Orchestra concerts are recorded and broadcasted by leading TV companies , "Ostankino" (Moscow ) , "Ukraine" (Kyiv ) , "Crimea" ( city Simferopol ) and Sevastopol Regional Broadcasting Company.

At the initiative of the orchestra conductor " Sadko " Korolyova L.A. since 1992 on the basis of collective folk festivals held instrumental music "Russian Mosaic " and "Tonika", which in 1993 escalated into the International Festival of Children's Folk Art "Golden Fish". Since 2011, Lyudmila becomes the initiator and inspirer of the All-Ukrainian contest orchestral "Crimean Camerton." With the orchestra worked professional performers and conductors: Folk Artist of Ukraine, soloist of the Opera and Ballet Theatre of Lysenko in Kharkov - Irina Yatsenko, Folk Artist of Ukraine, Opera and Ballet Theatre conductor of Lysenko in Kharkov - Anatoly Kalabuhin, Folk Artist of Ukraine , the art director and chief conductor of the Academic Orchestra of folk and popular music of the National Radio Company of Ukraine, Professor at the National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music - Svyatoslav Litvinenko, Folk Artist of Ukraine - Galina Murzaev, Honored Artist of Ukraine, soloist of the song and Dance Ensemble of the Black Sea fleet - Eugeniy Ustinov, Folk Artist of Russia, art director and chief conductor of the National academic Orchestra of Russian instruments by Osipov, Academician - Nikolai Kalinin, Folk Artist of Russia, virtuoso balalaika - Nikolai Rozhkov, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, Oryol Philharmonic soloist - Alexandra Semyonova, winner of the International Competition named by Prokofiev - Michael Ignatov, a soloist of musical theater in Tokyo (Japan) - Sigimi Yanamouti. Soloist from China - graduate of the Odessa Conservatory Dongya Tu and many others.

Over 46 years of collective creative life has reached a high professional level, became the winner of the All-Ukrainian contests, as well as the winner of the international contest "Christmas Vacation", held in Moscow (1995, 1996 years). In June 2003, the team becomes the winner and the Grand Prix at the International Festival for Children and Youth Art "Yalta Summer." Team achieves this result in 2005, 2007 and 2010. In June 2009, won the Cup winner and First raising international festival of folk instrumental music "Samorodki -2009." In 2011, the team became the overall winner and winner of the Grand Prix of orchestral Ukrainian contest " SPRING KAMERTON ", in 2012, became the winner of the All-Ukrainian contest-festival of folk art " Emerald ORIGINS " (Mukachevo). And the International festival-contest "Crimean Pearl" (Alushta, Crimea) .

Since October 2004, the people's collective musical conducts educational programs and thematic concerts for students and young people of the city - with the folk music Friday Russian Orchestra " SECRETS sonorous strings", which highlights the history of folk instrumental genre, the development of musical culture of peace, contemporary and classical music, is familiar with the instruments of the orchestra and the composer's work. This musical lecture is of great importance in the education of ethnic tolerance, encourages dialogue between nations, forms the spirit of culture among children and young people of different nationalities.

Orchestra - the constant participant festive city concerts not only in its hometown and in the Crimea. In January 2013 at the invitation of the mayor's office of Eagle team went on tour in the Oryol region with a concert program "CHRISTMAS meets friends", where a huge success at the crowded halls gave three concerts in Oryol and Mtsensk. Its repertoire is astonishing in its variety and novelty. Group performs not only the traditional folk songs and dances, but also the world's best classical music composers, as well as modern pop, jazz and even rock music. This is not just a musical, a highly professional team, but also a big happy family of associates, which combines a love of music teachers and their students in a single creative act where national traditions, musical skills are passed from the older generation to the younger and thus get their further development. 70 persons play in Orchestra and Preparatory group is 40 young musicians.